The Ultimate Man Cave

Now-a-days the term “man cave” has truly evolved. What started out as a small corner of the house a man could call his own, has become the place men dream about; somewhere they can hang out, enjoy their collections and get away from it all, a place known as the ultimate man cave. Well now there are places for a man to do just this, in condominium suites that are air conditioned, with 24 hour security, and endless ways to customize. This article by Wes Siler discusses the garage condo and the ability people have to make it their own.

“Not enough room at home to house all your cars, beer, flat screens and buddies? Buy a garage condo and the wife will never nag you to store her minivan in there again.

The idea behind garage condos is fairly simple and works just like a regular condominium. A developer handles the permits, the property, the building construction, getting utilities hooked up etc, then you buy a unit, do you what you want with it and pay a monthly fee for services like snow removal, security and for communal services like the clubhouse.

Now you have the ability to create your own ultimate man cave at The Place in Chesterfield. The Place provides buyers with luxury garage space that can become whatever you can dream of. This private storage facility gives a country club feel complete with member’s common area.

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