When did The Place open?

Phase 1 of The Place in Chesterfield was complete in August 2016.  This included 35 total units with one office.


Please see our Unit Prices and Availability page for details.

Can I ADD Options?

YES! You can make it your very own.  Paint Walls, Floors, Handicap Bathroom, Heating & Air Conditioning, Electrical Outlets,  MEZZANINE, Hydraulic Lift, Security  Systems, Cabinets etc.  We can help coordinate the work with preferred vendors.

Who do you recommend for my Interior Finishes?

We will have preferred vendor lists available.

What is covered in the CAM(Common Area Maintenance) charges?

CAM charges are based on unit chosen to include square footage, and approximate adjoining common elements.

How are the CAM Charges Paid?


What are the Closing Costs?

Normal closing fees will apply and will be : Title, Closing Fees, Recording fees, pro-rated quarterly charges.

Who is on the Board of the Association?

There will be a 3 member board elected by residents. In the beginning, 2 developers will be 2 of 3 until 75% of units are sold. At that point, new board members will be elected (Further explained in condo bylaws, and declaration).

What are my Annual Real Estate Taxes for my Unit? When are they Due?

Due at end of year. Cost to be determined.

How are the "RESERVES" figured in the Association Budget, and what do they cover?

Decided by Board

What "Uses" are allowed?

See Contract

INSURANCE?? What is Covered by the ASSOCIATION? What am I RESPONSIBLE For IN THE INTERIOR OF MY UNIT? Exterior buildings? Common elements?

Your responsibility will be on the inside of the structure. (Anything you add) Interior electric, and interior security system.

Have a Specific Question? Just Ask.