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“Anybody who gives their car to a valet isn’t a car guy” — Jay Leno

Private Auto Storage | The Place in Chesterfield

As someone with an interest and passion for cars, you know that there’s a constant force keeping you from truly enjoying and showcasing your collection. That force is SPACE.

There’s never enough space to store the car collection that you wish you had. The car collection where N+1 is the ideal number of cars you own, where N=the number of cars you currently have. Car collections require space not only to store cars, but also space to wrench, work, and ultimately sit back and enjoy them, both personally and with others. What if there was a new solution to this age-old issue of space?

The Solution… The Place in Chesterfield.

For a fraction of what it costs to add storage to your home or “move up” to a home that fits your needs, your sound investment at The Place will provide “The Solution”.

The Place is the first facility to offer private storage condominium suites for active use in the St. Louis area. These customizable condominium suites offer security and a country club feel. Build your dream suite to suit your passion.

Is The Place Right For You?

  1. Have your passions outgrown your garage or available storage space?
  2. Do you want your storage space to be secure & private?
  3. Do you like to socialize with others that share your interests for cars, boats & RVs?
  4. Are you currently renting space to store your toys?
  5. Are you contemplating building or moving just to accommodate your need for storage space?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, The Place is right for you. Schedule a Tour today & see for yourself!

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